Monero Venn-Diagram Sticker


Monero Venn diagram logo 10cm (3.9″) Circular die-cut stickers.


10cm (3.9″) Circular die-cut stickers. 10+ unique colors. “Easy-peel” backing for easier sticker application. Thin, difficult-to-peel “egg-shell” style sticker makes for perfect guerilla marketing. See picture at the bottom.

Perfect for explaining Monero in one simple image! The venn-diagram shows the Monero has all of the Decentralized/Private qualities of Gold, the Private/Digital qualities of Cash, and the Decentralized/Digital qualities of Bitcoin while retaining default privacy!

These “egg-shell” stickers are very thin and difficult to peel off when applied properly, and will last several years outside (full-sun) if applied properly to a sticker-friendly surface (smooth metal, plastic, non-rough dry surface). They will last a lifetime in most other scenarios.

picture of sticker with items next to it for scale


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